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LWB News Rotator SharePoint App


Supported in Office 365, this 2 in 1 app provides both carousel view and accordion view news/image rotators.
It is ideal for displaying multiple news/images in a slider.


The carousel view:

The accordion view:


Easy to configure and a few options to meet your requirements.


Configure the news content:


The custom branding is supported via the custom CSS feature, so that you can apply your custom styles.



LWB SharePoint Weather App


The LWB SharePoint Weather App is available for both Office365/SharePoint on-premise.

The LWB Weather App is a 2 in 1 app consisting of 2 app parts.

The carousel app part displays current weather conditions for single/multiple locations in a slide show container(carousel rotator).

The forecast list app part displays 5-day weather forecast data in a list view for single/multiple cities. It also provides options to change background/text color, show/hide low temperature/weather condition information.
By default, the app is configured to use 6 cities from different continents  as examples.




You can choose the temperature unit to be  Celsius or Fahrenheit based on your need and use your own custom CSS file to change the branding to suit your site styles.

Here are the steps to configure it in your SharePoint site.

1. Once you add the site into your farm, you can then go the app home page by clicking on the app icon in the site content page.


2. In the app home page, you can edit the app settings and preview your changes.

Admin Page

3. In the settings page, you can specify the cities, temperature unit and your own custom branding(css) file, background color, text color etc…
You can find the city codes for your cities in the following web sites, and split them with commas.

Please note if you want to use your own custom branding(css) file, make sure you input the absolute URL of the CSS file like: http://yoursitename/Style%20Library/CustomApp.css


4. To add the app into a page, you can edit the page where you want to add the app and click insert webpart like what you usually do for the normal webparts and choose “Apps” in the Categories list, then you will find the webpart called “LWB Weather App“.Then click “Add” button to add the app into your page.


    If you are adding the app into a wiki page/ page content area, you can click “Insert” => “App Part” => “LWB Weather APP”
5.  After adding the app part into your page, it behaves pretty much the same as a traditional webpart. You can change the webpart settings by editing the web part properties.
To make the app fit into your page easier, we made the width dynamic, and you can define the width of the webpart base on your need, but the minimum recommended width is 320 pixels.

6. If you want to display different sets of cities/different temperature units in different sites/pages, you can overwrite the app settings with the webpart settings, so it will take the webpart settings in the page.To utilize the webpart level app settings, please make sure you tick the box for “Overwrite global app settings”.


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