LWB Organization Market SharePoint App


The App is designed for selling products inside your organization through auctions or normal sales.
Features list:
1.You can sell products through either auctions or normal sales.
2.Configurable Expiry Date/Currency/Start price of an auction.
3.You can use your own custom CSS file to make the branding of the App in line with your website.
4.Or you can use the settings page to configure the commonly used branding settings.
5.You can insert images/videos/links/files to advertisements using the native SharePoint UI.
6.App part provided, so you can add the App into any page in your website.

The default page of the app where you can see all the valid items for sale here, to see the items you posted, please click on the “My Items” link, and “My Bids” will show the items you have bid.


Click on “New Item” to post a new item if you have something for sale.
In the item creation page, you can add images from your own computer/WebAddress, you can even insert Videos from your computer or Youtube.


If an item is for sale via Auctions, then you can click on the item to view the details page, then participate in the auction.


The App also provide options for Administrators to customize the App in the App.



Administrators can customize the following options to make the app suit your branding requirements.

To add the App into a page in your website, just simply locate the app part and click add.



8 responses to “LWB Organization Market SharePoint App

  • Rutger van Hagen

    Hi, can I get this App in another language?

    • lwbapps

      Hi Rutger,

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      At the moment, the App is only available in English.
      And if you are interested in having it in another language, we can provide custom development services based on your requirements.
      Please send your detailed requirements to wenbin.liang@outlook.com, then we can provide you a quote.

      Kind Regards,
      Wenbin Liang

      • Rutger van Hagen (DutchWorkz BV)

        Hi Wenbin,

        We want to use the App on our intranet but want to ask you for a quote when we deliver the translation
        and you build a Dutch App.

        Met vriendelijke groet,
        Rutger van Hagen
        Unit Manager
        [DutchWorkz logo]

        E-mail : rutger.van.hagen@dutchworkz.nl
        Mobiel : +31 6 48 88 51 41
        Joop Geesinkweg 901-999, 1114 AB Amsterdam – Duivendrecht
        Postbus 94013, 1090 GA Amsterdam
        +31 (0)20 5617745

        Links: Website | Twitter | LinkedIN | Facebook

      • lwbapps

        Hi Rutger,

        I have sent you an email with the quote in it.
        If any questions, please let me know.

        Wenbin Liang

  • Jordan Mejia

    Hi There,

    How can we view the history of items within the App? The items have a expired and we are unable to find them at all. Thanks,


    • lwbapps

      Hi Jordan,

      At the moment, you can only view your own expired items via the “My Items” link on the home page.
      We are adding that feature in a new version which will list all the expired sales, should be available next week in the app store.

      Wenbin Liang

  • Greg Baxter

    Hi, we have an in-house SharePoint 2013 system and I’m after an app that can be used to track our uniforms. We need a basic stock control system that can let users pick their uniforms, keep track of stock numbers and provide various reports such as stock on hand, uniforms issued etc. IS your system callable of this?

    • lwbapps

      Hi Greg,

      The Organization Market app is for selling stuff within our organization, and it doesn’t meet your requirements.
      Based on your requirements, I reckon it can be done via some customization on a few SharePoint lists/document library.

      Wenbin Liang

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